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  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexes to protect against cracking and peeling
  • Brilliant adhesion, even to old enamel
  • Salt resistant




Best Haymes Low Sheen Solashield Ultra Deep Tint is the finest exterior paint we’ve ever made, combining the advantages of our ultra violet resistant formula and water based colorant system to deliver rich, full colour and unprecedented durability.

Solashield is exclusively formulated to be flexible, protecting against cracking, peeling and chalking whilst offering salt and dirt resistant properties. Solashield is also resistant to mould and colour fade and is simple to apply; with superb adhesion, great coverage, minimal roller splatter and the convenience of water wash-up

Delivering superior UV resistance and a 15-year sun protection guarantee*, Haymes Low Sheen Solashield Ultra Deep Tint is available in thousands of colours that not only add beautiful style but also provide surfaces with long lasting protection.  Haymes Solashield is the ultimate protection against the elements.

Colour fast and fade resistant

The Solashield Low Sheen is a universal, self-priming product with a 15 year guarantee against blistering, peeling and flaking. The popular low sheen finish is ideal for use on Weatherboards and broad wall areas while also suitable for fibro, cement render, bricks, Galvanised Iron including roofing and most exterior timber surfaces. The Low Sheen will also assist in hiding surface imperfections.


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Colorbond Dune, Colorbond Ironstone, Colorbond Pale Eucalypt, Colorbond Wheat, Colorbond Windspray, Dlx Bosco Blue, Dlx Camel Cord, Dlx Cove, Dlx Green Turquoise, Dlx Hammock, Dlx Klute, Dlx Olive Leaf, Dlx Strap, Dlx Warm Woollen, Dulux Antique, Dulux Arava, Dulux Army Greens, Dulux Baked Clay, Dulux Blue Oar, Dulux Brownstone, Dulux Burnside, Dulux Caramel Sundae, Dulux Copper, Dulux Desire, Dulux Earth, Dulux Eastern Gold, Dulux Egyptian Red, Dulux Emerald Wave, Dulux Exposed Elements, Dulux Galah, Dulux Ginger Crunch, Dulux Golden Yellow, Dulux Grapple, Dulux Green Spruce, Dulux Gypsy Canvas, Dulux High Blue, Dulux Jazz, Dulux Latte, Dulux Light Leather, Dulux Malay Grey, Dulux Mexican Standoff, Dulux Mirage Blue, Dulux Namadji, Dulux Naval Grey, Dulux Ocean Surf, Dulux Pale Purple, Dulux Pompeian Pink, Dulux Purri Sticks, Dulux Raw Umber, Dulux Rodham, Dulux Rose Beige, Dulux Roulette, Dulux Salmon Pink, Dulux Sea Note, Dulux Snuggle Pie, Dulux Soft Suede, Dulux Spiced Nutmeg, Dulux Squirrel, Dulux Straw, Dulux Tinker, Dulux Toffee Fingers, Dulux Vin Cuit, Dulux Violet Orchid, Dulux Vivid Green, Dulux Warm Stone, Dulux Watermelon Pink, Dulux Wax Way, Dulux Wild Dove, Dulux Wonder Wish, Dulux Yardbird, Haymes Abstract Mood, Haymes Balsam, Haymes Bayleaf Brown, Haymes Beige, Haymes Berries, Haymes Bison Beige, Haymes Bleached Brown, Haymes Boulder Grey, Haymes Cameo Rose, Haymes Comanche Dust, Haymes Comfort 4, Haymes Comfort 5, Haymes Crushed Strawberry, Haymes Cumberland Stone, Haymes Deep Cream, Haymes Dusted Brown, Haymes Fernwood, Haymes French Grey, Haymes Gaiety, Haymes Golden Bamboo, Haymes Golden Delicious, Haymes Green Reed, Haymes Gunpowder Grey, Haymes Harvest Time, Haymes Koala Grey, Haymes Light Buff, Haymes Light Grey, Haymes Light Stone, Haymes Medium Sea Grey, Haymes Oak Buff 6, Haymes Organic 7, Haymes Pale Eucalypt, Haymes Pale Mushroom 7, Haymes Polar Bear 6, Haymes Polar Bear 7, Haymes Refuge 6, Haymes Rockslide, Haymes Sky, Haymes Sparrow, Haymes Spring Sprite, Haymes Spruce, Haymes Teardrop, Haymes Tempest Storm, Haymes Twin Flower, Haymes Verbena Violet, Haymes Warm Brown, Haymes Whitewash 7, Haymes Windspray, Haymes Winter Green, Porters Aubusson, Porters Back Country, Porters Bastion, Porters Blue Cow, Porters Double Strength Grey Pepper, Porters Double Strength Hailstorm, Porters Drumbeat, Porters Flagstone, Porters Grey Suede, Porters Half Strength Lead, Porters Hampton's Blue, Porters La Vie En Rose, Porters Lace, Porters Lemongrass, Porters Lhasa, Porters Longhorn, Porters Maritime Blue, Porters Mexican Lime, Porters Ochre, Porters Old Moss, Porters Olive Grove, Porters Promenade, Porters Putty, Porters Rattan, Porters River Birch, Porters Rock Pigeon, Porters Rosewood, Porters Rousillon, Porters Samphire, Porters Shark Skin, Porters Smoked Indigo, Porters Solstice, Porters Stone Age, Porters Storm Chaser, Porters String, Porters Sugarland, Porters Wainscott, Porters Whetstone, Porters White Rhino, Porters Zest

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